App Gift Info

A gift to help you begin your MONIN Inspiration App journey!

Please see updated instructions below for your new mobile tripod and wireless remote clicker. Please disregard the original instructions included in the box.

Selfie Remote Clicker Instructions:

  1. Apple Users- Download the “SilverCrest Selfie Snap” app from the App Store, or visit this link:
  2. Android Users- Download the “Snap Remote” app from the App Store, or visit this link:
  3. Open the app to use the wireless shutter remote.
  4. To take a picture, press the button on the center of the remote.
  5. To change to the rear facing camera, press the small button on top of the remote.
  6. To reset the remote: Remove the battery and then place it back in. Press the small button three times to reset the remote.

To learn more about the MONIN Inspiration App, please visit: 

Please send all questions or concerns to